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Crew and Designers for Bans/hee


Website Galleries and Past Designer

amacker's art takes many forms and embraces many media, from welded fire-breathing motorcycle dragons to a dozen or more Fillmore posters. Her grandmother was a clothing designer who bequeathed to her small quantities of brocade, silk, ribbon, buttons, ornate fringe and the desire to create something unique, beautiful and useful. With only enough of each special texture and color to make something that cannot be duplicated and with the need to run amok at Burning Man or at a dance party free of a bag or purse, amacker created Marsupial Pocketses ... the greatest thing since... socks! Only two hundred Pockets make up this limited edition. Each piece is custom, designed for the wearer's individual needs, color preference and style.

website: www.marsupialpockets.com

Astra Baxley aka . a s t r a e l l a .

Designer, Production

. a s t r a e l l a . goes Overboard by putting the naughty in nautical with her cruise inspired raver resort line!


Designer - Urban Warrior Wear

Atreyu was born in Oakland California at the age of 0. After seeing the music video "Thriller" by Michael Jackson at age 3, he became fascinated with make-up, dance, and theatrics. His adventure from child to adulthood included a significant focus on body movement in the areas of hip-hop dancing, wrestling and yoga. Attending Burning Man in 2002 sparked a wealth of inspiration for him and eventually catalyzed the creation of Urban Warrior. With his company, Atreyu is blazing a new trail, designing wear to inspire everyone to embrace their inner hero.

website: www.urbanwarriorwear.etsy.com

Beth Klem aka Ultrabeth Designs

Designer, Website, Production

Embark on a strange trip with your guide, Ultrabeth. On this journey to both future and past, around the world and into our psyche, we will encounter circus phreaks, iconoclasts and the sound of cymbals as we ultimately crash into the latest iteration of... well, you'll just have to come and see her second runway collection for yourself!

website: www.ultrabeth.com

Cecilia Broadaway aka ~cec~

Designer - JudaThug Designs

Cecilia is a former Catholic School girl who dreamed of outrageous clothing... ten years later she is finally making it happen. Although she primarily makes clothing for herself, she is excited at the prospect of drawing others into her warped point of view at her first CFDC event.

email: judathug@gmail.com

Cindy Lopez aka Puddin

Production Lead, Hair & Makeup Director, and Past Designer

Puddin is a creative talented soul who loves to have her freaky little fingers in everything. As an original member of the CFDC, she's been involved in production every year. When her sewing machine behaves, she designs faux fur creations in the evolution of her ReFur Madness line. Surviving the dot.bombs as a computer geek then shifting careers to one of the top hair stylists in the East Bay, she's become our hair & makeup artistic director. Year after year she's dominated hair into submission for our shows teaming up local hair & makeup artists. Check out Puddin's website for pictures of her latest hair and ReFur creations.

website: www.puddinproductions.com


Designer, Set Design

Marin is a multi-media artistaneer and all around crafticioner...rising out of the available stardust of the late 70's she was born to an artsy woman who supplied her with the concept of sewing your hearts delight from an early age..nearly all of her early halloween costumes were hand sewn by mom ...as she has grown Marin has continually collected more skills to add to her artistic tool belt using an abundance of available mediums to weave magic into the mundane.

miss meliss

Designer, Production, Media Relations and all around grrl friday.

In the beginning, in 1998, miss meliss was a part of a group of wonderfully DIY, fancy, creative women who beheld the idea that their own fashion creations, were worthy of mass scene acclaim. They decided to collaborate and produce their first fashion show. The Cloud Factory Design Collective was born, the participants were inspired and the designing began. Miss meliss was one of the first Holders of Flame under Ass and took on much of the production research and exploration. After over a year of planning and designing, she and the CFDC crew got their first production off the ground with finesse, pride and, above all, love! Since then, miss meliss has helped work on every major CFDC production in roles from logistical producer to go-fer, designer to backstage hand.She owes her love of Art to her mother Linda, who gave her every opportunity to be creative and taught her never to hold back due to societal norms.

Sabra Melamed

Designer, Production

Sabra has been cutting and slashing perfectly good clothes to pieces for since she was about 13. She has never had any formal sewing training except for making a sweatshirt in home ec in 7th grade. Sabra likes buttons and thread and Stefbot's dirty vodka martinis. She thinks drinking and crafting go together quite well, actually. :-)

Sig Hafstrom

Designer, Production

Sig Hafstrom is a multi-disciplinary artist born, raised and residing in California. She holds a BFA in Sculpture from the California College of Arts and Crafts. She has never been able to say no to a good project, including improvising with the New Humor group, playing and singing in the bands the Germans and the Eggplant Casino, presiding as unlicensed barber and proprietor of the Renegade Barbershop, studying metaphysics at the East Bay Church of Religious Science, hosting the Popcorn Anti-Theater Bus, producing films with Illbilly Productions, making props for Killing My Lobster, MC'ing at the Swap-o-rama-rama, and creating fashion-performances with the Cloud Factory Design Collective.

You can catch a glimpse into her universe at www.cloudfactory.org/~sig

Stefanie Gesiorski aka Stefbot

Designer and All-Around Wearer of Many Hats

Stefanie Gesiorski is a fairly advanced robot who was raised on country music by a family of Polish monkeys. It remains to be seen exactly how this has affected her aesthetic sensibility. She creates unique yet wearable clothes for men and women who live out loud, along with colorful robot outfits for children of all ages.

check out her fanciful creations at: http://stefaniesworld.blogspot.com
email: sgesiorski@yahoo.com

Usa Devi (oosha davey)

Designer, Ticketing and Door Coordinator

Usa Devi is a goddess on a mission to play in this material world and bend the ideas of what's proper. She likes to make things, like clothes, art, love and mischief. And sometimes trouble.

Alumni Crew and Designers

Carrie Faith

Designer -:Grey Rainbow: designs from Oblivion

Carrie Faith, a California native and a Berkeley local, aspires to be a professional designer. She has been sewing since about age six when she also inherited her grandmother’s flamboyant taste and premonition for style. She is also a dancer and has much passion for music and performance art. Carrie plans to have her own design label, creating recycled clothes, lingerie, street clothes, custom designs and eventually jewelry and furniture.

She can be seen strutting down the runway, but her passion lies in the design of versatile style. "Many people have recognized me on the street by the way I walk. This is the kind of expression I find fascinating.” For the spring show, she has prepared a window into the emotion that is style; a look at the potential of a pile of rags or her most hated t-shirt.
These are some of the ever-so-drastic visions from Oblivion

Christine Dhein and Emiko Oye

Designers - Sexi Reware

Christine Dhein is the designer behind SexiMetal, a San Francisco based art jewelry company. She works primarily with rubber, precious metals and diamonds. The sensuality of these materials inspires her to create.
The sensations of hard against soft, hot against cold and motion against stillness all excite her and she wants to share the excitement with everyone who wears her pieces.

Inspired by hardware, haute couture, and salvaged materials, Emiko Oye creates one-of-a-kind urban jewelry and wearables for the body. She launched her company emiko-o to raise public awareness that jewelry IS
Art. Her Reware line of silver and recycled plastic jewelry reinvents sculpture for the body for a forward-conscious now.

For this show, Emiko and Christine have teamed up to bring you a collection of work that transforms jewelry into body sculpture party accessories. Everyone knows, if you can’t have fun dancing in it, it isn’t worth wearing!

website: www.rewarestyle.com



Sewing since she was 3, Domini treads carefully between her two obsessions - making things and moving around. Making things usually entails clothing, but extends out to bedspreads and some furniture, and moving around covers yoga, kung fu and dancing... specifically, breakdancing. Her clothing designs reflect these two passions, the purpose of her creations not only to clothe the human body but also to allow it full range of motion, no matter how extreme. She started off designing clothes for ballet dancers, and as her disciplines spread to other areas, so did the clothing. After seeing the movie "Ghost Dog", Domini's interest in urban styles grew exponentially and she is now exploring that esthetic, blended with her lifelong inspiration from Issey Miyake's approach to fashion.

Rather indifferent to trends, Domini prefers to create based on the feeling she gets from her clients, who seek her out via the internet or word of mouth.

email: d@dominiwear.com

Gelsey Calmer


Gelsey Calmer loved pretending and playing dressup when she was a little girl; little did she know that when she grew up, she'd get to play dressup EVERY DAY. Gelsey first took sewing classes at age twelve and has continued sewing since. She's adept in Fashion
Technology(tm) and has recently taken up knitting scarves and creating "fluff accessories" inspired by Lura Beaumont. This is Gelsey's first CFDC and she's excited about the prospects of her present and future collaborations within the collective. Gelsey is also a swedish massage bodyworker, reiki practitioner, singer, dancer, eclectic artisan, seamstress, altar and ambiance creator/corrector, an otherwise practicing Jill of all trades, and faery mama.

email: gelseyc@yahoo.com

Jennifer Lynne

Designer - Porcelynne

An entrepreneur by nature, Jennifer started the hot San Francisco Lingerie Design company, Porcelynne in October of 2000. Spending a significant amount of time in the fashion design industry, Jennifer has a wide-ranging background in design, modeling, fashion display, show planning and production. Jennifer has taught several workshops and classes in sewing, pattern drafting and design technique. Jennifer graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City in 1999.

website: www.porcelynne.com

Kelly Williams

Designer -Foompa Designs

Kelly learned to sew through necessity.  Unable to fulfill her driving need for creative and fashionable clothing for larger women through the usual commercial suspects, she decided to make her own.  With a guerrilla instinct for design, she has transitioned from sewing for personal pleasure to laying the groundwork for a viable career, always staying mindful to keep her designs accessible to people of all shapes and sizes.

email: kelly@foompa.com

Lee-Anne Early


Having created and modified clothes at an early age as a way to express herself, Lee-Anne now designs, knits, crafts and creates with passion and purpose. Inspiration comes from San Francisco’s underground dance music, Burning Man and knitting circles. Lee-Anne’s one-of-a-kind wears add color to a once dull room or dance floor and her knit glovettes keep people warm and stylish.Lee-Anne would like to thank the CFDC, Orange Age, Magic Glasses, Firecracker!, Qool and Thump for creating a forum to show her creations.

website:  www.lee-anne.com
email: leeanne@area.com

megan thyme walker


Out from the backwings of the cfdc, Megan is relishing the creativity the cfdc offers each other, and the rediscovery of her sewing machine. A landscape architect in regular life, she's currently fashionated with playing with familiar media in ways that her corporate clients would blush over.



Her chilly mornings in the forest brought about melmo mittens, now in private collections in four countries and three continents. Her adventuresome days in the Sierra spawned her waterproof, breathable snowboarding skirts, dashing down slopes. Now, bound by the memories of months in a sling and the seedy reality of graphic design work in the sex industry, about which she cares little, melmo brings you nihilistic bondage gear.

website:   www.concept.org

Nick Sanchez

Web Designer / Assistant Hair & Makeup Coordinator

Nick designed the whole new web site you are now viewing. Nick also designed the flyer for CFDC's 2004 show, "Particles".

Patrick Bay

Hat Designer

Patrick Bay trained as milliner in his native Belgium. He began his career as a professional milliner at the San Francisco Opera costume shop, where he collaborated closely with world-class costume designers. Patrick, since opening his own design studio, has created quirky, sophisticated and uniquely wearable hats.

website: www.patrickbay.com

Philip and Araya Diaz


Philip and Araya Diaz met three years ago across a fire at Stinson Beach. Since that day, their relationship has been one of mutual inspiration, creativity and artistic support. With their shared love of design, music and fashion, they've joined forces to collaborate for this installment of the CFDC Spring Fashion Show.Even though he's been an artist and designer for as long as he can remember, it was only two years ago that Philip completed his first sewing project - a complex garment made with difficult materials which everyone said would be nearly impossible to make. He proceeded undaunted, and was successful, and from that experience grew a desire to create artistic wearables. From his graphic design and architectural experience, Philip brings his skills of transforming 2 dimensional objects into 3 dimensional space.

Araya's introduction to sewing began as a child when she taught herself to sew by hand. Eventually, her mother taught her to use a machine and a new world was opened to her. After years of practice, mistakes and triumphs, she has learned the tricks of design and the necessity of pattern making. Araya brings an eye for color and composition to this piece – a skill she has honed with her experience as a professional fashion and music photographer.

website: www.arayadiazphotography.com

Sandy Reyes



email: geisha@gmail.com


Designer, Set Designer

I exist to....
challenge convention,
arouse a new way of thinking,
worship and revel in the human form,
touch the animal inside,
keep the souls of design off the auction block,
reflect our humanity,
testify to the worthlessness of religion, government, and social structure,
scream to the irrelevance of economy,
and finally, to entertain.
"I cannot bow - I can only fling myself" --Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven

email: sugarbunni@sugarbunni.com

Via Jay


Via Jay had a creative streak at a young age, and was taught to sew when she was ten, but largely neglected that side until just recently. After leaving a job in the law, she took to DJing, knitting and sewing with furor. She began to design and create clothes for herself and friends. She has received such warm and encouraging support to continue the cultivation of art as an outlet, and has been producing fiendishly since! An invitation to join CFDC for this gala endeavor is case in point.